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Thank you, Delta Airlines, for honoring our fallen soldiers!

Delta Air Lines coordinates the Honor Guard program for the military fallen. In this video, they are welcoming a soldier that has been missing for over 63 years from the Korean War. He was finally returned to his family. In the small crate, there are additional bone fragments of a different soldier, who had been already sent home and buried. The whole process of transporting them from the airplane to the vehicles, is filled with respect and pride. Thank you, Delta for doing this. Please, SHARE this great gesture!

The Honor Guard program was put together by a group of Delta volunteers in Atlanta. Two Delta employees, Brian and Tom initiated this program. Since 2005 they have helped transport home more than 3,000 remains through Atlanta’s airport. Rain or shine, these volunteers pay respects to our nation’s fallen heroes as they transit through one the world’s busiest airport. They take great pride in the humbling task of making sure the remains are well cared for as they make their way home.
Volunteering for such a respectful cause means a lot to Brian. While didn’t have an honor to serve in the military, he comes from a serviceman’s family. His father is a veteran, and his son is serving in Air Force and has been deployed twice to Afghanistan.
Since 2005, The Honor Guard acquired more appropriate transport for the fallen soldiers. Today, it has several special carts painted in the Delta Paint shop with a flag on top, and one that is specifically designed to transport the veterans’ casket. The volunteers participate in a flag ceremony, read a prayer and give the military escort a special Delta Honor Guard coin to be passed onto the next generation.
The Honor Guard program has now expanded to Boston, Minneapolis, and Norfolk, as well as other airlines including American.