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Daddy Bulldog Meets Puppy Daughter And I Can’t Stop Laughing!

With their squishy faces and adorable personalities, English Bulldogs are special dogs. Personally, I think that all dogs are special, but I can’t help but agree that there are some pups that are especially cute. English Bulldogs definitely fit into that category. I’ve never owned one, but I have spent time with a few. I’ve never met a dog that grunted so much and snored so loudly, yet was still incredibly charming. Watch this handsome Bulldog meet the next generation – they’re both adoarable!

Bulldogs have that “tough” look about them. It’s the blocky head, muscular body, and underbite that give that unique appearance. But, like most dogs, Bulldogs can be big softies and want nothing more than to have a “dog’s life” that includes walks, playtime, and snuggles with their favorite human animal friends. They want a comfy place to sleep and all the love that they deserve. And, from the look of the Bulldog in this video, some dogs just want to be left alone long enough for a nap. But, this big squishy guy doesn’t get everything he wants and his nap is interrupted by none other than a new puppy.

If you think this pup looks pretty similar to the older dog in the video, it’s because she’s actually his daughter. I can definitely see the resemblence. Daughter or not, Daddy does not seem particularly impressed with the new addition. She’s so tiny and squishy and by the look on his face – annoying. She scoots around him, even giving him a squeaky little bark, and he just lloks hilariously exasperated by the entire situation. It only take a few minuted until he had enough of all of the cuteness, and decides to go find a quieter place to nap. He’s hilarious!