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Dad Turns On The Camera, Records His Baby Having A Hilarious Conversation With The Family Dog

Dogs and children have a very special relationship. For a baby and a puppy, they are interacting purely on instinct. They don’t have behaviors and emotions that are based on past reactions and experiences. For the most part, they are simply acting in the moment – something that allows them to communicate in a unique way. On a much simpler note, babies and puppies are both adorable. So, when you put them together, an amazing amount of cuteness is almost guaranteed to occur…

Wicket is a Shorkie puppy and this is her best friend, baby Sheila. Baby is determined to communicate with her new, tiny friend, so she talks to him in baby gibberish. The funny thing is that Wicket responds. It’s almost as if he speaks baby gibberish, too. Whether or not this adorable pair actually understands what the other is saying is not really important. What’s amazing is their willingness to bond and communicate on a level that not many adults can even understand. Hopefully, this little girl will continue to have a wonderful relationship with her new furry best friend. I hope they have the opportunity to grow up together, make wonderful memories, and that Sheila’s obvious love and appreciation for animals will continue throughout her life.

Having pets in your life is incredibly rewarding, especially for a child. Some of my earliest memories are of the dogs I had growing up. They taught me about responsibility, compassion, love, loyalty, and friendship. Ultimately, they taught me about death and loss. But, I would never want to take back a single moment of the time that I have had with each of my pets. As I sit writing this, with two dogs by my side, I’m aware of how lucky I have been to have had them in my life.