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Dad Starts Dancing In The Train Station. But, Wait Until You See What His Daughter Does!

It’s just a regular day in Central Station, a large, busy train station located in Antwerp, Belgium. Travelers and commuters hurry to and from their trains, and the loudspeaker announces arrivals and departures. Then, all of a sudden, if you look closely you will see a gentleman that looks like an everyday traveller start dancing. Familiar music from The Sound Of Music fills the station, and a little girl joins in dancing with him. And then, more and more people join in to form an awesome flash mob.

I’ve never witnessed a flash mob in person, but I would love to. Imagine just going about your day in a shopping center, train station, airport, or even a busy city sidewalk and suddenly a group of people that you thought were just normal like you, start dancing a choreographed routine. My favorite part of watching these videos of flash mobs is not necessarily even watching the dancers – though that part is pretty cool, of course. But, I love watching the reactions of the spectators. They were particularly fun to watch in this video, perhaps because the music is so familiar to so many people. As the dance continued on and the group of dancers grew, it became hard to discern who were the spectators and who were the actual dancers. I think I even saw a few spectators join in on the dancing! This impromptu flash mob, which was choreographed in only two days, made a mundane traveling day in to something fun and exciting, and the smiles on the travelers’ faces speak volumes. As the music shifted from the classic tune to a modern remixed version of the song, it was impossible not to smile, laugh, and dance along with this super fun flash mob.