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Dad And Daughter Are Sitting In Traffic, Then Their Favorite Song Comes On The Radio

If you drive much at all, you may be familiar with something we all hate. Sitting in traffic is by far the worst part of driving a car. It goes like this: you’re having a perfectly nice day and everything is going well. You’ve had your morning coffee, you’re showered, dressed, and ready for your day. You get in the car and put your destination in Google Maps and start out. Then, that dreaded red spot shows up on the screen. You’re going to hit traffic.

Sitting in traffic can turn even the sanest driver into a raving lunatic. Especially if you have somewhere you actually have to be by a specific time. But, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Sitting in traffic is a part of life. As much as you yell, rant, and bang your fists on the steering wheel, it won’t help. You’re still going to be late. Even worse, you may try to speed in and out of the lanes, trying to find the fastest one, or speeding up only to slam on the breaks later. Not only does this not help you get to your destination any faster, you run the risk of actually causing an accident and making the traffic situation even worse.

The father and daughter in this video have figured out a much better way to deal with sitting in a traffic jam. They’re sitting silently, not even speaking, and then their favorite song comes on the radio. Suddenly, smiles break out on their faces and they start to dance. It’s adorable, hilarious, and a better idea that getting angry at a situation that can’t be helped. We’ve all seen people like this in their cars; we giggle at them in the moment, but they’re having a much better time.