The kitten's been lying in grass, when the crow came over and did the unthinkable! - Most Exciting Planet

The kitten’s been lying in grass, when the crow came over and did the unthinkable!

This is a story about a very unusual, but adorable friendship. This video was recovered from a 1999/2000 VHS tape. North Attleborough, Massachusetts, a motherless kitten wandered into the elderly couple’s backyard. The funny thing was the fact that the kitten was accompanied by a crow. Even though the two are enemies by nature, the bird wasn’t afraid, it was actually trying to help. The crow adopted the kitten and wouldn’t leave his side. Their friendship is nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s mind-blowing! Please, SHARE.

Crows have been around since the Miocene Period, about 17 million years ago in Oceania and Australia. That’s probably why they are so intelligent. These birds have the biggest brain to body ratio among all bird species. Having a highly developed forebrain, where intelligence is regulated, the anatomy of the crow brain is much similar to humans’ one.
Crows are terrifyingly smart. They are both intense tool users and creative tool users. Crows are capable of making new instruments when the necessity arises. They are even better at tool-making than the Chimps. Crows are also capable of identifying threats within their visual range and relaying that information to one another. Researchers even discovered that crows have regional dialects, they use to communicate with each other withing the group. Crows are also able to recognize human faces. They explain it as an extension of the ability to recognize each other, which helps them to warn one other about potential predators. In Seattle, a group of scientists held an experiment, involving 7 crows. The men wore a specific type of mask and captured the birds, releasing them after some time. Later, whenever those birds saw the mask, they attacked. They didn’t attack the same researchers wearing different masks. Those 7 birds also spread the news among other birds in their group. Two years later, the crows from that group attacked masked men again. Even new younger crows recognized the masks, and didn’t hesitate to harass the men wearing those. Pretty creepy?!Sources: