When they hit that high note, my jaw dropped! - Most Exciting Planet

When they hit that high note, my jaw dropped!

Céline Dion and Barbra Streisand are two of my favorite divas. I see this song as a dialog of 2 women talking about love from their perspective. One of them is young and is unsure. The other one is older and wiser, so she shares her insights and experiences, trying to make the younger woman understand her feelings. “Tell Him” is not just a beautiful song, but a lesson about love. Please enjoy this breathtaking duet, and don’t forget to click LIKE and SHARE.

“Tell him” was born under some very pleasant circumstances. In March 1997 Barbra Streisand was asked to perform at the Oscars her song “I Finally Found Someone” from the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces, recorded with Bryan Adams. She preferred not to perform that night, so Natalie Cole had been scheduled to sing her song instead. But Cole pulled out. Two days before the Oscar night Céline Dion was asked if she could do it. She has been already scheduled to perform her song “Because You Loved Me,” but she accepted the offer. On 24 March 1997 Dion became the first artist ever to sing twice on the same Academy Awards night. Barbra Streisand loved Céline Dion’s performance. She sent her flowers with a note saying she had regretted not being in the room to hear her and wanted to make a song together. A few days later, René Angélil (Dion’s musical producer and husband) called up David Foster (Streisand’s producer) about writing a song for the two divas. And this is how “Tell Him” came to life.
The song was released on 3 November 1997 as the first single from Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love and Streisand’s Higher Ground albums. To the songstresses’ surprise, the song was rejected by non-adult contemporary radio stations. Sony Music Entertainment cancelled the U.S. single release. “Tell Him” managed to peak at number five on the Adult Contemporary and number 58 on the Radio Songs charts. Anyhow, the song was a huge hit outside the U.S. “Tell Him” peaked at number 1 in the Netherlands, number 2 in Ireland, number 3 in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, number 4 in Italy and Switzerland, and was a top 10 hit in many other countries. The single received platinum awards in the Netherlands, Belgium, and gold in the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Switzerland and Norway.