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Cat Doesn’t Understand What The Kittens Are For – Then Something Remarkable Happens

Cats are pretty amazing creatures. They’re little balls of fur, with many of the same instincts as much larger cats like lions and tigers. They live alongside us in our homes and despite the fact that some cats can be aloof and antisocial, we happily live alongside them. Some are more social than others, but most make wonderful pets. A feral cat named Mason didn’t know he wanted to be a house pet until he found his home and a couple of kittens…

Mason’s story is potentially a sad one, but I can guarantee that this particular episode in his life has a very happy ending. Mason was a feral cat and when came into the shelter his prospects for a happy life did not look good. The vast majority of feral cats that end up in shelters are euthanized; they often have health problems and are difficult to adopt out because they may not adjust well to living in a house with people and other animals. Mason’s case looked particular dire – he was injured, unhealthy, older, and in kidney failure. He also was not sure about people. But, Mason came around and warmed up to caretakers. He found people who were willing to bring him home and make sure that his last days were as happy and comfortable as possible.

Mason was getting along quite well in his new life, but little did he know that things were about to get better. The kind family who took in Mason decided to add a couple of foster kittens to the family. At first, he didn’t understand why they were there┬ábut soon realized that the tiny kittens would be excellent friends and the best snugglers.

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