He Needed Someone Special To Help Him Recover. He Found His Soulmate In A 14-Year-Old Burn Victim. - Most Exciting Planet

He Needed Someone Special To Help Him Recover. He Found His Soulmate In A 14-Year-Old Burn Victim.

Fireman, a cute Chihuahua, was found by rescuers in a rough shape. Apparently, he suffered a chemical burn and was in a lot of pain. To help the dog recover from all that terror, the shelter stuff decided to find a family that would understand Fireman’s struggle and make a greater effort to meet his needs. They contacted the burn hospital, and that’s how this Chihuahua found his soulmate in a 14-year-old burn victim Chloe. These two were meant to meet each other. Please, LIKE and SHARE their story.

I really don’t want to know the story behind Fireman’s injuries. I hope it was just an accident. “Humanity” has disappointed me enough.
Most chemical burns are caused by either strong acids or strong bases. Acids damage and kill cells, while bases liquefy them. To prevent damaging effects that might lead to scarring and even disability, limiting the time of exposure is essential. Always remember to protect your eyes while using serious chemicals. Sometimes, just like a sunburn, you don’t immediately recognize a burn caused by a milder chemical. We use milder chemicals every day, they include: bleach, drain cleaners, hair, skin, or nail care products. They can cause pain and redness, which may develop hours after the exposure.
If you immediately recognize a chemical burn, remove the dry chemical with a brush or a towel. Take off all contaminated clothing and jewelry to prevent further burning. Rinse the burn immediately with a steady stream of cool tap water for 10-20 minutes.
A person, exposed to a chemical, should seek emergency care if he shows signs of shock, such as fainting, dizziness or very shallow breathing. Other signs of a serious chemical burn include: severe cough, muscle twitching or seizures, cardiac arrest or irregular heartbeat. Burns that penetrated through the first layer of skin and the ones that cover an area more than 3 inches in diameter are considered dangerous. The worst chemical burns are the ones affecting the eyes, face, groin, or a major joint.