It was so considerate of him! I can't stop weeping. - Most Exciting Planet

It was so considerate of him! I can’t stop weeping.

Most girls hope to find that special guy and have a perfect wedding. Andrea was going to have it all, but life is not perfect. Earlier in the year, her father passed from pancreatic cancer. It was devastating, but everything has been already set for her big day. Thanks to Andrea’s loving brother, a time of grief was turned into great joy. He prepared something very special and incredibly touching to adjust the father-daughter dance during the wedding. So thoughtful! Please, enjoy and SHARE.

Traditionally, father-daughter dance came first during the wedding celebrations. The meaning behind it was to present the bride to the groom, and then to let them dance into their new life. These days, it comes second, after the bride-groom dance. Anyhow, it is a beautiful moment for both daughter and father. The two have some extra time to spend with each other, it also gives the father a little more involvement in the wedding plans. As he gives his little girl away, such moments mean a lot for him. Some brides pick a song their dad had sung to them in the childhood. It is a beautiful way to represent the bride’s transition into the womanhood, while being supported by the two most important men in her life.
Weddings are filled with traditions dating all the way back to the ancient times. Wearing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand started with a belief about “vena amoris,” the vein running from the finger all the way to the heart. The use of wedding and betrothal rings started in the Roman Empire around the 2nd century. Throwing a bouquet and a garter is associated with the tradition of having a piece of a bride’s clothing for good luck. Back in the days, guests would tear a piece of the bride’s dress, which, of course made grooms and families very angry, not speaking of brides.