He stole everyone's heart with his magic. So beautiful, so graceful, so unique! - Most Exciting Planet

He stole everyone’s heart with his magic. So beautiful, so graceful, so unique!

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick?! We are glad to share with you the most sophisticated, unique, and beautiful card trick. This young man from Batumi, Georgia, came to the show Georgia Got Talent to share his abilities. But not only did he amaze the audience and the judges with a breathtaking performance, but he also stole their hearts with his enigmatic smile. His flexible hands turned a magic trick into a beautiful dance of the cards. So beautiful! Please, enjoy and SHARE this wonderful performance.

It is hard to determine when and where exactly did the card tricks originate. It is believed that they were developed by cheating gamblers who wanted to improve their chances of winning. Playing cards themselves originated in the Orient with China and India. Card games were introduced to Europe in the 14th century by Arabs who had traveled from the Orient. Compared to sleight of hand magic in general and to cups and balls, card tricks are relatively new form of magic
One of the earliest documented mentions of card tricks appeared in an article from 1408. It tells about a card cheat in Paris who sought to gain advantage by manipulating the cards he was playing. The first written mentions of actual performers of card tricks are the 15th century unpublished piece co-authored by Leonardo da Vinci himself. It describes a trick performed by Giovanni de Jasone de Ferara. Another mention is found in a 16th century piece by Cardanus describing a performance by a Spanish magician by the name of Dalmau who performed for Emperor Charles V in Milan.
Throughout the 16th century there were many documented mentions and explanations relating to card tricks. It wasn’t until the 18th century, when the card magic was brought to a large stage by an Italian magician Giovanni Guiseppe Pinetti. Before, card tricks had been performed only in the streets, but Pinetti created gorgeous theatrical settings for his card magic. He travelled and entertained all over Europe, including countries such as Portugal, Germany, Russia and England where he even performed at Windsor Castle for King George III.