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Two Bikers Stopped To Save A Kitten From A Busy Road. Their Next Move Is So Heart-warming!

Two bikers went riding at night, not knowing they would end up saving a life. One of them noticed a kitten crossing the road. Thankfully, the little thing made it to the other side safely, only slightly shocked. The bikers stopped to pick it up and to decide what to do next. They ended up doing the best thing for the kitten. I just love it when tough guys turn out to be soft-hearted, and are not ashamed of that. Please, enjoy and SHARE.

It is nice to be considerate towards animals while on the road, but human life must come first. If you have to choose between getting rear-ended and hitting a small animal – hit the animal. Besides, because of all the blind spots around the car, you might not even realize that that squirrel or bunny might not even be anywhere near the wheels. However, if you encounter a large animal like a moose, a deer or a bear, you will have to swerve, but only if it’s safe. Check your rear view mirror, brake as hard as possible in a straight line to reduce speed, ease up on the brakes if you don’t have ABS and swerve toward the butt of the animal, because it’s likely to keep running.
If you find an injured animal on the road, look in your rear-view mirror before braking, turn on your signal, pull your car completely off the road, turn off the ignition, set the parking brake, and put on the hazard lights. If you have emergency flares, use them. An injured animal is unpredictable. Don’t make any sudden movements, because it might run straight into traffic, causing accidents. Try to keep the animal in place by creating a barrier. Signal approaching vehicles to slow down and drive around. Call the local animal control agency or the police. Do so whether or not the animal is injured, has a tag or does not have one. Stay safe!