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Watching This Baby Elephant Enjoy His First Bath Is A TREAT!

Just outside the concrete jungle limits of Chiang Mai, Thailand, lies a real jungle with an elephant sanctuary Elephant Nature Park. There, you can get a chance to interact with these gentle giants without exploiting them. It is home for abused and overworked elephants, who learn to live free in a more natural environment. Their family has just welcomed a new addition, baby Navann. This cutie gets spoiled all the time by the herd and his human caregivers. Watch him enjoy his new bath tub, it’s beyond adorable!

Founded in 1995, Elephant Nature Park is home to more than 35 elephants, and over 350 dogs, rescued from the Bangkok floods. Here, the animals don’t do tricks, they don’t perform, you can’t ride them or buy their paintings. In this sanctuary elephants, who have been controlled their entire lives through fear and abuse, learn to trust humans again. Most of them are retired or were rescued from the tourist and illegal logging industries.
The Park offers visitors the opportunity to engage with the these elephants by spending a day, a night or even a week following them in their natural habitat. Here, guests can feed the animals, bathe them, and also learn about the species in general, and the ways we could help save and preserve them. All the love and care the elephants receive every day at the Park, help them rehabilitate and feel safer while roaming free.
If you want to visit the elephants, check with Save Elephant Foundation, they have many great projects, where you can directly help the animals and the local community through volunteering. You can also choose to sponsor their elephants or dogs. The Foundation will keep you up to date with what’s going on in their lives. Donations are always welcome, they help provide the best care for the elephants and other animals, project development and improvement, community outreach and support, and educational initiatives. Save Elephant Foundation is always in need of supplies. Whether you’re planning to visit one of their projects, or you are able to help from home with a delivery of supplies to their office, they will be extremely grateful.