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Autistic Boy Meets Snow White And His Reaction Is Priceless

Disney World is full of families and their young children, enjoying the magical atmosphere,┬árides, shows, and more. The highlight of the trip for many youngsters is meeting their favorite characters in person. When the Coley family took their son, Jack Jack, to Disney, they were excited for him to enjoy the experience, just like all of the other children. But, Jack Jack is autistic, and he wasn’t having very much fun… Until he met Snow White and everything changed.

While Jack Jack’s two older brothers were enjoying the park and all it had to offer, Jack Jack struggled with the overwhelming aspects of the park. Jack Jack is non-verbal and had not shown any interest in interacting with any of the other characters that he had met. But, when he met Snow White, he was obviously smitten. Not only was he eager to interact, he huddled up close to his favorite Disney princess. The look on his face says it all; Jack Jack was in love! It’s the sweetest, most innocent love that you could ever witness. And Snow White interacts perfectly with the little boy. She is sweet and kind and encourages the shy little boy to come out of his shell. It was a special moment for everyone, but Jack Jack’s mom said she must have cried 1,000 tears while watching her little boy bond with the Disney character.

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, there’s no denying that it’s a magical place. But even if you haven’t been, chances are that a Disney movie or character has touched your life in some way. Watching Disney movies is part of my earliest happiest happy memories and I still watch them to this day. Disney is still making magic and memories!