She begged to give him a chance. His transformation exceeded even her expectations! - Most Exciting Planet

She begged to give him a chance. His transformation exceeded even her expectations!

Certified dog listener, Samantha Browne, traveled to South Africa to help local dogs, which had been sentenced to death. Cerberus was found in an open prison in Johannesburg. He was aggressive, wouldn’t let anyone approach him, and he would even attack other dogs. It has been decided to put him down, but Ms. Browne begged for a chance to train him. It took quite some time for Cerberus to get used to her. His transformation is incredible! After all, Samantha couldn’t leave him behind. Please, SHARE this amazing story.

A dog may have become overly aggressive because of its past experiences, including abuse and neglect. The animal also may not have socialized with other dogs as a puppy, or he may have had a traumatic encounter with another dog. Aggressive dogs are not born that way and they don’t have to stay that way either.
It is owner’s responsibility to see the signs of aggression in a dog, before it gets completely out of control. Many dog owners punish “bad dogs.” The only thing they achieve by that is fear in a canine, which later may come out in aggressive behavior that is beyond their control.
First of all, you have to establish yourself as the alpha dog in your home. You may need to use a leash inside, so that you can control where the dog is able to go. The alpha dog also is the first one to eat. Feed the aggressive dog last. You might have to put him in a crate during meal times. He can progress to eating at the same time as you once boundaries have been established.
Playtime is the best time to focus on training. Keep dog toys out of reach. You must be the one who gives them to the dog. When playtime is over, put the toy away. Don’t chase the dog if it takes off, that’s the sign of weakness. Instead, wait for him to bring the toy back, then get rid of it for good. The dog must know – you are the boss.
While training your dog, reward him for good behavior. It can be done with a toy, a treat, or praise. This lets the dog know he has pleased the alpha dog. Have patience and introduce your dog to new experiences slowly. If your dog is nervous around people, make socialization short. Don’t forget to keep petting the dog and reassuring him all the while.