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This Adorable Commercial Is The Best Thing To Happen To Christmas

If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you can empathize with the gentleman in this commercial. It’s a cold, snowy Christmas Eve and you’ve waited until your little one has gone to bed. Now it’s time to assemble all of those Christmas presents that will most take you all night long, and in the morning, Santa will get all of the credit. You get a few cookies because that’s what was left out for the big guy. It seems like a flawed system, but it’s Christmas.

The doting father in this video stayed up and worked outside in the freezing cold to build his daughter a trampoline. That’s heartwarming in itself, but when he’s finished and resting comfortably inside is when the real fun begins, and the commercial becomes magically adorable. Two foxes creep in the yard and spot the brand new trampoline. (If you haven’t seen videos of foxes jumping on trampolines before, you’re in for a real treat. You should also watch more video of foxes jumping on trampolines.) The two foxes in the commercial climb up and start hopping around. This is completely adorable, but it’s about to get even cuter. Shortly, a badger joins in on the fun, followed by a hedgehog and even a squirrel. The little group of animals has the greatest time ever enjoying the new toy.

Meanwhile, the human parents are inside, oblivious to the fun going on outside. But, one member of the family has seen the whole thing. Buster, the family’s pet boxer has watched all of the other animals play and wants a chance to play, too. It seems he won’t get his chance. Then, in the morning, the little girl comes down the stairs and sees her present. So does Buster!