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Abandoned Pony Foal Misses Mom – See His Adorable Reaction To His New ‘Surrogate’

Most babies and baby animals depend on their mothers for survival. Mothers provide food, protection, socialization, and of course, love and comfort. For a baby horse or pony, called a foal, survival wiithout their mother is impossible unless there is human intervention. Humans can bottle feed a foal and keep it safe and healthy, but people can not replace the bond between mother a baby. When an abandoned pony foal became depressed, his rescuers had a unique idea to comfort him and keep him happy…

Breeze is a tiny pony foal found in Dartmoor National Park without his mother. He had been running around, frantically trying to nurse from other pony mares, but mares will generally only nurse their own babies. When he was found, he was in a quick, dangerous decline, stumbling around searching for his mother. Breeze was extremely dehydrated and in svere shock and rescuers had to act quickly to save him.

Breeze was taken in by the local animal sanctuary and given the necessary medical intervention. He was ble to recover from his terrible ordeal, but he was quite lonely. He was definitely feeling the loss of his mother, though he didn’t even know her. But, horses and ponies are social animals who rely heavily on their mothers for social development and comfort. Humans could provide the basics, but not everything and not 24-hours-per day. As a result, the cute little foal had become very depressed and his rescuers were concerned for him. So, they had a unique idea – they gave the tiny foal a giant teddy bear and to their surprise and delight, he took to it like a surrogate mom!

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