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This 85-Year-Old Woman Walks The Catwalk And The Crowd Is Stunned!

Supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice is the perfect example of the phrase ‘age is nothing but a number’. A stunning model, actress, and icon of the American fashion world, Carmen embodies everything that it means to be a supermodel. She’s stunning, poised, and has her own unique look and style that allows her to stand out from a crowd, even if it’s a crowd of supermodels. But, she’s is a little different – Carmen is 85-years-old and still totally rocking the catwalk and showing everyone how it’s done.

The fashion industry is notoriously focused on everything that is beautiful, young, and trendy. But, there’s also something to be said for being unique. Long after nearly every model has retired, Carmen Dell’Orefice is still going strong in the fashion world. Her storied career has spanned decades, and she even appeared on the 1947 cover of the iconic fashion magazine, Vogue. Ever since that cover, she has been working in fashion as a model.

As you can see from the video, she may appear a little different from the other models, but it’s not because she’s older. She has the thin frame and gorgeous features that nearly all of the other models share. But, Carmen has something special that’s hard to pin down. She brings to the runway and the entire room a sense of maturity and experience, something that only comes from years of walking the catwalk. She commands the space and when she’s walking, no one can take their eyes off the stunning woman. Though, it’s not hard to imagine that she also stood out as a young model, too. Carmen has shown as that age does not affect our beauty and certainly has no impact on what we are capable of. Age is a taboo in fashion, but this amazing woman is breaking the barriers.