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24 Girls Stand In A Straight Line. But When They Start To Move… Unbelievable!

With this stunning dance that is the perfect fusion of classical ballet and Chinese fan dancing, the girls of the MorningStar Dance Academy in Atlanta impressed the judges enough to win first place in their region and twelfth in the entire nation. When they take the stage during the “Stars of Today Meet Stars of Tomorrow” and begin their dance, they put the entire audience under their spell with their unique and beautiful performance. These young girls really know how to impress!

In a dance originally choreographed by Tingting Liu from Liaoning Ballet of China, the dancers performance is meant to honor and tell a story of beauty and serenity within nature. The young ballerinas glide across the stage with perfect timing and grace, and though fans are not present in traditional classical ballet, they fit seamlessly in to this performance. A Chinese fan dance performed en pointe is a truly special dance, and these young ladies perform it perfectly. They make stunning patterns with their fans, at one point even recreating the blooming of a flower.

The girls in this performance are all around 13 to 14 years old, and they must have practiced this routine for countless hours, not to mention the amount of training that is required to dance at this level. Becoming a ballerina takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication, and becoming a professional dancer can consume a person’s entire life. A dancer in a professional company has a grueling schedule of early morning classes to refine technique, several hours of actual rehearsal, and then performances or more classes in to the evening. Ballet dancers in particular train incredibly hard… all with the hopes of maintaining a difficult but rewarding career as a professional dancer.