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101-Year-Old Grandma Has One Wish And This 5-Year-Old Grants It

Dorthy Landry first heard Ryan Wang, a piano prodigy, play the piano when he was only 3 years old. HE was oh so young and Dorthy Landry was much older at the time – 101-years-old, in fact. It’s quite a feat to have reached an age of more than 100 and Dorthy has lived a full life and seen a century of changes in her world and the world as a whole. Yet, after all of those years, this little boy touched her heart and her life.

From the moment that Dorthy heard Ryan play, she knew that he was special. Granted, many others also know that he is quite special. At only 5-years-old, he is a well-known piano prodigy, having performed on the extremely popular Ellen Show and has even graced the stage at Carnegie Hall. Dorthy has followed Ryan’s career and even though he has played in these huge venues, one of the most special concerts he has ever played was a personal concert for Dorthy, who Ryan now calls “Grandma Dorthy”. He found out about her devotion to following his career and he wanted to do something to make her happy. “I like playing for Grandma Dorothy because it makes her happy,” says Ryan in the video below.

She sits on the bench with the little prodigy, watching up close as he plays especially for her. “He’s a very special little person,” Dorthy says.

One Youtuber summed up their amazing relationship with a comment: “Two very special, lovely, and adorable people. Very. She sees the value and promise in him. He sees the value and love in her. She knows what her age means to her. From the look on his face, I imagine he does as well. That shows a knowledge and understanding often far beyond his age.”